What is PLOS Hub for Clinical Trials?

It's the first PLOS Hub—a window onto content in a specific field. PLOS Hubs will collect together open-access articles from many journals, and will allow a group of people who are interested in the same subject to share their opinions and knowledge and ultimately to build a dynamic interactive community.

PLOS Hub for Clinical Trials collects together clinical trials research articles, and demonstrates our commitment to publishing the results of all properly conducted and reported clinical trials regardless of outcome, and making this essential information freely and publicly available.

The launch of PLOS Hub for Clinical Trials in August 2007 completed the merger of PLOS Clinical Trials with PLOS ONE. Authors publishing clinical trials research in PLOS ONE benefit from very rapid publication (acceptance to publication in a few weeks) and a more modest publication fee (US$1350).

What do authors need to know?

That your clinical trials research can be included in PLOS Hub, but that PLOS Hub itself is not a journal. You should continue to submit your clinical trials research to PLOS journal that best suits your needs. If accepted, your article will be published in the journal that accepted it; clinical trials research accepted into PLOS ONE will also automatically appear in PLOS Hub for Clinical Trials. If you submit your work to another PLOS journal a link to the paper will be provided on PLOS Hub homepage, and the article will be fully incorporated into PLOS Hub in the coming months. Registered subscribers to PLOS Hub for Clinical Trials will be alerted to the publication of your article, along with subscribers to the journal where your article was published.

What do users need to know?

That PLOS Hub is a convenient meeting place for those interested in this field to engage "hands on" with the content. Use the tools that are available to add Comments to the articles. Share your views, see what other people think.

What do we all need to know?

PLOS Hub for Clinical Trials is a comprehensive resource of information relevant to anyone interested in clinical trials. It collects together articles from PLOS journals, including PLOS ONE, PLOS Medicine, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, PLOS Genetics, and PLOS Pathogens. One of the great benefits of open access is that content can be reused without restriction, so we also highlight relevant papers from other open access journals.

Please contact us with your feedback about PLOS Hubs.

About PLOS

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